Jolly Cobra

Join Jolly Cobra on a musical road trip as we cruise thru the heat of the dry and dusty desert towards the pumping waves of the ocean. Breathe in the fresh and salty sea breeze, load up and put the pedal to the metal and head through the deeper woodland and up to the mountain top. Enjoy the view and let's head for space!

The music is based in seventies hard rock with psychedelic space rock influences as well a deep love for stoner- and grunge rock. Get ready, jump in the van and let's go for a ride!




The Wilhemsens
"Produksjonen kler låtene veldig bra, og 70-tallssoundet er så delikat at jeg sendes rett til gutterommet og lyden av oppveksten min, uten at nostalgien blir påtrengende"


"Jolly Cobra sine gitarhunder har snust seg fram til noen godsaker av riff her"


Musikk fra Norge
"Alt i alt en meget fin utgivelse som trygt anbefales alle som elsker hardrocken man fikk servert for ca 40 år siden"



Steffen Johansen - Vocals (2009 - present)
Fred Are Larsen - Drums, Keyboards (2009 - present)
Tom Daniel Reiersen - Bass, Guitar, Keyboards (2009 - present)
Tom Uglebakken - Guitar, Keyboards (2012, 2014 - present)
Bjørn Viggo Andersen - Bass, Keyboards (2014 - present)

Filip Watn - Guitar (2009 - 2012)
Andreas Serigstad - Organ (2009 - 2009)



Jolly Cobra | Tom Daniel Reiersen | +4799599573 | |

Kung Fu Ninja Records | Bjørn Viggo Andersen | +4790715036 |


Jolly Cobra now releases they're second record, Chromium Hawk, in the form of an EP consisting of six carefully selected songs.

The straight forward rock´n roll and vocal driven style from their last record, Tres Cobras (Released 2015), is still present in Chromium Hawk. But this time, the sound has taken a turn towards a more refined 70's sound with plenty of psychedelic elements that make it clear what their musical inspirations are. The album has been recorded in the band's own studio and it sounds just as you would expect it to sound: Uncompromising, raw and real.

Kung Fu Ninja Records are proud to release this album and we think it perfectly fits how we like to describe the music we release: Music that hits you hard!

Chromium Hawk is released on beautiful 180 grams 12’’ vinyl in 45 RPM. The record can also be found on all major streaming services.



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