Falcon Hood

Falcon Hood is something different, something strange, but feels like a classic. Their hope is that people will open their eyes and ears for for a different type of music than they normally would listen too, but still in such a way that everything feels comfortable.

The band Falcon Hood was originally started in 2011 by 4 friends, Tom Ugglebakken, Morten Tornes, Tony Diederiks and Bjørn Viggo Andersen. The result was the record Restless Mind that was released in the summer of 2013.
In the fall 2013, two of the guys in the band decided they wanted to take the music in another direction. They kept the name Falcon Hood, but the band now consisted of Tony Diederiks and Bjørn Viggo Andersen. They then went on to release two singles, Fool and The Day that Everyone Cries in 2014. For these two releases they also benefitted from help from Fred Are Wolter (Drums), Filip Mohn (Drum recording) and Steffen Johansen (Vocals).

Their inspiration came from many places. From 60s and 70s rock, hiphop, psychedelia, and stonerrock. But they also wanted a pop music feeling to their music so everybody and anybody could enjoy Falcon Hoods groove, original guitar riffs, exciting details and clever lyrics.

The music is written and recorded by the band itself in their rehearsal space and studio. They love to experiment during this process and they also try to use different sounding instruments and equipment to create their own sound. The band controls the complete song-making process until a finished mix.

Θ Terrible Goodness (Single Edit) - 2013
Θ Restless Mind - 2013
Θ Fool - 2014
Θ The Day That Everyone Cries - 2014

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