Gran/Sylvan – Safe as the Bank

Gran/Sylvan now releases their first official single called Safe as the Bank on the 1. April 2023!


Life in black and white, does not exist.

There are so many sides of a story, and so many nuances to beeing a human, that one side or one part of the tale, would never be the full truth.
From our little black house, in a little southern city of Norway, we try to tell our tales. We wrap them up in a folkrock gown, and add a bit of color to the black and white. This is how we see it, nothing more nothing less.

Kung Fu Ninja Records are very proud to release this super nice song by one of Norway’s most exciting and fresh underground artists! Gran/Sylvan consists of JB and Caroline, a married couple from Norway/Sweden, that writes amazing songs together and then records them with their friends. This single is the first song from this artist but there is more to come. JB has also released music before as the artist The Looming.


Gran/Sylvan | Jan Birger Gran | +4745650549

Kung Fu Ninja Records | Bjørn Viggo Andersen | +4790715036 |



(Downloadable in wav format)